Assessment of functional abilities in elderly people

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The Interactive Technologies Institute is hosting a workshop entitled “Assessment of functional abilities in elderly people”, which is being developed by Élvio Gouveia, researcher and Vice President of ITI. The workshop is taking place at the Madeira Sports Lab, integrated into the University of Madeira, between March 13-15. The event aims to present technology-based assessment instruments for assessing the following parameters: gait cycle analysis, dynamic balance analysis, and body composition analysis.

The workshop arises from the knowledge produced within the scope of finished and ongoing research projects focusing on the functional abilities of the elderly population. The workshop organisation invited elderly participants who agreed to try the assessments described above.

This workshop is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia within the scope of the project ITI-LX UID8/50009/2020

Start date

March 13, 2023

End Date


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Madeira Sports Lab, University of Madeira