Interactive Narrative Design for Complexity Representations

INDCOR aims to create a network of interdisciplinary researchers across European countries to tackle societal issues through interactive digital narratives, such as video games, digital journalism, interactive documentaries, and so on.


The aim of this COST action is to build a network for the interdisciplinary study of the potential interactive digital narrative has as a means to addressing complexity as a societal challenge by representing, experiencing and comprehending complex phenomena and thus also address the issue of “fake news”. Within INDCOR, Cláudia Silva is the Chair of the WG4, concerned with societal issues.


01/11/2018 - 30/07/2024

Funding scheme

European Commission

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HCI Subfields

Blending Interaction: Engineering Interactive Systems & Tools; Computational Interaction; Critical Computing; Design; Games and Play; Sustainability, and Social Justice