ergoUX 2023 is here!

The Interactive Technologies Institute is organising the ergoUX 2023 event. By joining efforts with other partners, we are putting together the ergoUX 9th edition, taking place between March 20-23 in Covilhã.

ergoUX is an event promoting the study and development of ergonomics, design, usability and user experience (UX). ergoUX 2023 is recommended for UI/UX companies and the academic community interested in Gaming, Interaction Design and UX/UI.

During the three days, the attendees will be able to receive talks by field experts, participate in the UX Jam and get to know the Jam’s winning projects. On the first day, experts from several universities and companies will present their work in UI/UX. During the second day,  participants will focus on the development of new projects under the supervision and guidance of experts. Teams will immerse in a 48h multidisciplinary project to increase design experience in interfaces such as videogames, interactive apps, web interfaces and others. By the end of the event, participants must prepare a pitch presenting their strategic plan and a live demo. The last day of the ergoUX 2023 will feature the winning projects that resulted from the UX Jam.

Participation in the UX Jam is limited to 50 participants. Interested parties need to register and guarantee a seat at the table. Registrations are available at the event website below.

The Organisation Committee comprises Francisco Rebelo, Ernesto Vilar, Paulo Noriega, Arminda Lopes, Elisângela Vilar and Sónia Rafael. Most of the members of the Committee are researchers at the Interactive Technologies Institute. In this organisation, we are joining forces with ADUUX, WD Retail, inclusion, Tangível, UBI, IPCB, FAUL, FBAUL, and CIAUD. We aim to promote ergonomics, design, usability and UX development in Portugal.

More information is available on the event website.