Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems

ITI – Interactive Technologies Institute is a co-founder of the associate laboratory LARSyS (“LAboratory of Robotics and SYStems in Engineering and Science”), funded through Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT).

LARSyS brings together a research collaboration of four research centres:

Team-based research at LARSyS is fostered by thematic area, much like ITI, which allows for the exploitation of synergies, resources, and organizations in the various centres to explore new frontiers of knowledge in emerging topics.

LARSyS offers complementary and multidisciplinary competences to tackle several cutting edge research challenges, structured in 5 Thematic Areas:

    • Ocean exploration and exploitation
    • Urban systems
    • Aeronautic and space systems
    • Engineering for and from the life sciences
    • Cognitive robots and systems for assisted living and working

For more information, please consult the website for the Associated Laboratory.