Bauhaus of the Seas Sails

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails will build a portfolio of demonstrator pilots: the Atlantic Tagus River Estuary (Lisbon/Oeiras), the Lagoon in the Adria... More


eGames Lab aims to build capacity for retaining in the country a young, well-trained generation of different backgrounds: design, storytelling, engine... More

Fostering Digital Civics Research and Innovation in Lisbon

DCitizens aims to foster Digital Civics research and innovation in Lisbon. Digital Civics is a cross-disciplinary field that posits the use of technol... More

Locative Games for Cultural Heritage

LoGaCulture will bring together the leaders in digital locative games, in collaboration with some of Europe’s most significant cultural institutions... More

Exploring the Human-Water-Energy Nexus in Industrial Kitchens

The main objective of this project is to explore the potential of IKs to become active players in the efforts for grid decarbonization. Our approach i... More

Sustainably and Digitally-Driven Hierarchical Laser Texturing for Complex Surfaces

The ITI’s role in the SYNTECS project is to develop a CAD plugin that will assess the life cycle of the process and product environmental impact... More

Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience

The role of ITI in MODINA project is to study intelligent creativity support tools. More

Blockchain technologies and design Innovation for social Good

BIG project intends to seek funding for the expansion of the research and innovation potential of the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of... More

Multiple Instance Attention Learning for Multimodal Classification and Detection for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

This project focuses on improving the analysis of breast cancer images, which is important for detecting and treating breast cancer in women. We want ... More

Sense and Sensibility in Interactivity

The SSi project explores novel approaches to promoting environmental literacy and nature connection amongst children and teenagers. More

Digital Science Communication for Behaviour Change: students’ sustainability literacy

Outreach science communication is the practice of knowledge sharing, awareness raising, and educating scientific information with non-scientists, such... More

The Contemporary Portuguese Sign Language Dictionary: From the App to the Classroom

The project aims to build a digital dictionary for Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) to be used in classrooms. The project aims to have a positive impact... More

Knowing Online Hate Speech

As the Chair of WG 5, Cláudia Silva is responsible for communication in KNOwhate. Our team is committed to producing informative podcasts and launchi... More

Interactive Narrative Design for Complexity Representations

The aim of this COST action is to build a network for the interdisciplinary study of the potential interactive digital narrative has as a means to add... More

Game Art and Gender Equity

GAGE Project intends to portray the evolution of female participation in the Portuguese gaming industry. More

Arts and Interactivity for Sustainability

ARTiVIS is a research project at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology to promote environmental sustainability. More

Knowledge Drive Profiles Dynamic

In the last two decades, user profiles have been used in several areas of information technology. We can mention its use in recommendation systems or ... More