ITI joins Conference on Ocean Restoration

Frederico Duarte, a researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute, is participating in the upcoming conference “Mission Ocean: Restore Our Ocean and Waters.” Frederico, currently working on the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project, will be a part of the round-table discussion “High Impact Research and Innovation Initiatives for the Ocean and Waters”, to be held at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon on March 22.

The conference is an integral part of the Unite!WIDENING project aims to amplify the visibility of scientific excellence and promote the valorisation of knowledge from universities in widening countries. It will attempt to tackle significant societal challenges, particularly concerning the health and preservation of our oceans and waters.

The Unite!WIDENING project focuses on the 5 Missions of the Horizon 2030 framework, including the EU’s Mission Ocean. This mission seeks to safeguard and restore the health of oceans and waters through cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, citizen engagement, and strategic blue investments, which aligns with the goals of the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project. Funded under the New European Bauhaus framework, this ITI-led project is designed to implement cultural initiatives across seven coastal cities, aiming to redefine the connection between communities and aquatic ecosystems, spanning rivers, lagoons, and the sea. 

The conference “Mission Ocean: Restore Our Ocean and Waters” programme is available online. A registration is required to participate in person, but the organisation also allows online participation.