ITI Talks March 2024

The Interactive Technologies Institute hosted its monthly ITI Talks event on Friday, March 8th, featuring presentations by two esteemed researchers, Andrés Isaza and Filipa Correia. The event, held in a hybrid format with physical locations in Lisbon and Funchal, provided a platform for the researchers to delve into their innovative work at the intersection of technology and human interaction.

Andrés Isaza, a Colombian filmmaker and media artist, commenced the talks with his presentation titled “Can LLM-evaluation help to achieve meaningfulness in serious games?” Isaza explored the concept of meaningfulness in interactive platforms, particularly serious games, which aim to educate or inform users while engaging them in gameplay.

Following Isaza’s presentation, Filipa Correia, an assistant researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute, presented her work on “More-than-human Perspective on the Robomorphism Paradigm.” Correia proposed a posthuman perspective of the robomorphism theory, which involves attributing robot-like traits to non-robotic entities. By expanding the scope of robomorphism beyond humans and considering robots as relevant non-human entities, Correia shed light on new challenges and opportunities in the field of Human-Robot Interaction.

The ITI Talks event, a regular occurrence at the Interactive Technologies Institute, serves as a platform for researchers to share their cutting-edge work with colleagues and the broader community.