LevelUp @ eGames Lab April 2024

The Interactive Technologies Institute is proud to present yet another LevelUp event, hosted by the eGames Lab project, scheduled to unfold at the Centro Cultural e de Investigação do Funchal (CCIF) from April 3rd to 4th, 2024. This event marks an exciting convergence of minds in the realms of digital innovation and human-centred design.

The event kicks off with a tour of the eGames Lab, offering participants a firsthand look at research initiatives in development by the eGames Lab. Following this, a poster session featuring insights from esteemed guests Norbert Streitz and Christine Riedmann-Streitz promises to enrich the discourse.

The event’s centerpiece comprises talks by three aforementioned experts. Patty Kostkova, from the Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences, University College London, will give an overview of “Serious Games for Digital Public Health: Opportunities and Challenges” to the audience. Norbert Streitz, the Scientific Director of the Smart Future Initiative, will delve into “The Role of AI and Human-Centered Design in Future Smart Hybrid Environments”. Lastly, Christine Riedmann-Streitz, Managing Director of MarkenFactory, will share insights on “Participatory Design and its Applications as Inspirations for the eGames Lab”.

Following these thought-provoking talks, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in Transfer Workshops, led by each of the expert speakers. These interactive sessions aim to delve deeper into the topics discussed, fostering hands-on learning and collaborative exploration.