We are co-organising a climate change workshop at CHI2023

The Interactive Technologies Institute researchers Nuno Jardim Nunes and Valentina Nisi are two of the seven experts who chair the workshop HCI for Climate Change: Imagining Sustainable Futures. This workshop accepts applications until February 16 and is happening in a hybrid format during CHI2023 on April 28.

The workshop aims to offer a gathering where HCI researchers, designers, and activists working on environmental topics can meet to discuss their research and possibly find points of contact between their different perspectives on technology’s role in ensuring sustainable futures.

This CHI2023 workshop calls to discuss the different angles from which the problem of climate change has been addressed by the CHI community so far. We believe these different angles have several contact points, and the convergence of these different perspectives would help HCI researchers better imagine sustainable futures.

Participants are invited to send a short paper (2 – 6 pages, references excluded) in the form of a research, reflection, pictorial, provocation, or design fiction using the ACM SIGCHI template via Easy Chair. Submissions via Easychair will open in January.

Possible submission topics

      • Communicating science
      • Data physicalization, visualization, sonification
      • Community engagement and activism
      • Policymaking
      • Envisioning future scenarios
      • Eco-social relations and social justice
      • System thinking/interconnection of economic, social, and environmental dimensions
      • Interdisciplinarity and new competencies for HCI researchers
      • Post-human, more-than-human, diffractive and entangled views, theories, and practices

Workshop activities overview:

      • Welcome greetings, workshop introduction
      • Brief submission presentations
      • Break and groups set up
      • Group work
      • Plenary session: discussion and feedback on group work
      • Lunch
      • Keynote speech + Q&A session
      • Final reflections, wrap-up, and future plans

Besides our researchers, the organising committee of this climate change CHI2023 workshop comprises Eleonora Mencarini and Chiara Leonardi (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Christina Bremer (Lancaster University), Jen Liu (Cornell University), and Robert Soden (University of Toronto).

The workshop pdf proposal is available here.