Cristiano Pedroso-Roussado


I am a multidisciplinary researcher in the fields of life sciences and design. My three main professional areas are: science x creativity x management. During my research activities, I developed a MSc thesis about the neonatal pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae (iMM, Universidade de Lisboa, PT), and a PhD thesis targeting the infant mice gut microbiota in foetal alcohol syndrome disorder context (University of Brighton, UK).
In the intersection of scientific research and industry, I developed work related to fermentation in a Portuguese food company: i) studying Komatagateibacter spp. as a workhorse for the production of compounds of interest; ii) evaluating food quality standards to solve food contaminations; and iii) new product development. Additionally, I held project manager and innovation roles during the same period. In recent years I am developing a framework to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from Nature to help solve human grand challenges, for instance, aiming a more sustainable value chain and resources use. My approach relies on values such as ethics, responsibility, and accountability, and I invest in communicating widely and easily the complex scientific knowledge gathered during my practice.



Pedroso-Roussado, Cristiano

The Fashion Industry Needs Microbiology: Opportunities and Challenges Journal Article

In: mSphere, vol. 8, no. 2, 2023.

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Rodrigues, Antonio Cruz; Pedroso-Roussado, Cristiano; Cunha, Joao; Jorge, Ana

Biology of Creativity: A Nondesign-Inspired Model to Enhance Creativity and Innovation Skills Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Pedroso-Roussado, Cristiano; Guppy, Fergus; Brissett, Nigel; Bowler, Lucas; Inacio, Joao

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In: 2022.

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Pedroso-Roussado, Cristiano M.

Microbiology Meets the Fashion World: A Paradigm Shift in Design Education and Practice Through Biotechnology Journal Article

In: 2022.

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Martins, Elisabete R.; Pedroso-Roussado, Cristiano; Melo-Cristino, José; and, Mário Ramirez

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In: Frontiers in Microbiology, vol. 8, 2017.

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