Katerina Iglezaki


Katerina Iglezaki is an architect and urbanist working at the intersection of landscape ecology and urban design. Her research investigates agroecology as a holistic and integrated approach that aims at applying both ecological and social concepts to the design and management of sustainable food systems and problematizes on the upscaling of Nature-Based Solutions as an important foundation for new models of economic growth that can achieve an optimization between economy and environment and help build future resilience. She holds an MSc degree in Urbanism from TU Delft and Architectural Engineering from DUTH, University of Thrace and is currently a PhD student on Digital Media at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico.

In the Bauhaus of the Seas project, Katerina is a researcher whose project is titled Performative Tagus- Landscape as infrastructure for the more-than-human ecological integrity of the Tagus estuary, aiming at repositioning the future of the Tagus territory in Lisbon, as a political project that reconceptualizes human and non-human agents of socio-technical ecological systems towards a new paradigm shift beyond the current exploitative model of growth. Through a series of hybrid representational cartographic explorations and animation tools the project aims at proposing a new sustainability model between marine and terrestrial ecosystems.