Thais Arrias Weiller


Thais has been working with video games since 2010. It all started when she started to research game design at the Universidade de São Paulo. This research granted her an M.Sc. degree and a published book on the game design framework. She also co-founded JoyMasher along with Danilo Dias in 2012. JoyMasher released Oniken, Odallus, Blazing Chrome and Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. Thais also worked for other game companies and as a freelancer in titles such as Finding Monsters and many more. She is now researching how to create unusual experiences through play, especially when negative emotions are involved. On this subject, she released Rainy Day. Currently, she teaches Game Design at PUCPR, works at JoyMasher, unveils the bittersweetness of game design and tries to make games that matter.