Madeira Safe App – interview with Pedro Teixeira

Pedro Teixeira is leading the engineering team for the development of the Madeira Safe app. He has a degree in Software Engineering from IST and has specialized in distributed systems and networking protocols. Pedro is the author and contributor of some famous open-source projects and packages and has also been the writer of 10 books […]

MARE project: a platform to help returning to normality without disregarding the right to anonymity

The MARÉ project was one of the selected projects by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in the scope of the 2nd edition of the call “RESEARCH 4 COVID-19.” It will have 40 thousand euros in financing and be developed in three months. Involved in this project are the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI/LARSyS), the […]

Project accepted for “Research 4 COVID-19” funding

FCT announced the results of the call “RESEARCH 4 COVID-19,” which is a national extra funding of 1.8M€ to answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, recently created in collaboration with the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB). The proposals submitted by ITI researchers for this call had been announced before at Of those, […]

Madeira COVID-19 platform

A team of researchers from the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI/LARSyS), a research unit of the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) partially managed by ARDITI – Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology, and Innovation, led by Prof. Nuno Nunes, Full Professor at IST and President of ITI, collaborated in the development of a public information […]

ITI Researchers submit proposals for “Research 4 COVID-19” FCT funding

FCT, in collaboration with the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation, has recently opened a call for proposals Research 4 COVID-19 with the purpose to fund short R&D projects and initiatives, for a period of up to three months, and a budget limit of 30K€, to assist immediately the National Service of Health, Health […]

The President of ITI / LARSyS awarded 2.5 million euros in European funding

Nuno Nunes, president of ITI / LARSyS and Full Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, and Rodrigo Rodrigues (IST / INESC-ID) have recently obtained a 2.5 million euros funding for a project that combines digital technologies with major societal challenges. The BIG project – Blockchain technologies and design Innovation for social Good – is a European […]

MEMEX project first study

The new MEMEX technologies will make it possible to tell the stories of the most endangered communities, thanks to the possibility of building narrative paths with pictures, videos, maps on and around the cultural heritage of the different territories. By telling their stories, the communities not only will be able to have visibility with their […]

System developed in Madeira tested in Thailand

Dinarte Vasconcelos, a Ph.D. student at IST and ITI / LARSyS researcher, supervised by Prof. Nuno Nunes, Full Professor at IST and president of ITI, was in Bangkok, Thailand, at the beginning of February to install and test bioacoustic sensors for monitoring the mosquitoes responsible for transmitting Malaria, Zika and Dengue. Dengue and Malaria are […]