Making science attractive to female students through open science schooling focused on climate change


The overall and most significant innovation of Science4Girls is that it is the first practice-based project in the EU to systematically use climate change engagement to allow young female students to create fundamentally new images of science, allowing them to reconcile science learning and a life in science with the development of female identities.

This innovation is underpinned by the methodological application of open science schooling – the key Commission approach to the highly needed innovation of science education in schools. OSS will allow female students to leave traditional, rather theoretical science instruction and work with real-life science and real-world community concerns. Through collaboration with the relevant local communities the girls will be able to work in climate change learning missions designed by them, and to the extent possible fulfil the goals established by themselves defined in the learning missions.


01/11/2020 - 31/12/2022

Funding scheme

Erasmus+ programme

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Institut de Vilafant (ES); ITA-SUOMEN YLIOPISTO (FI); Lacko Internationella Grundskola AB (SE); Pasvalio Levens pagrindine mokykla (LT); Scoala Gimnaziala Gheorghe Titeica (RO); SREDNJA ELEKTRO-RACUNALNISKA SOLA MARIBOR (SI); Universidade de Lisboa (PT); Working with Europe/Treballant amb Europa Associació (ES).

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