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Blanco-Mora, D A; Almeida, Yuri; Vieira, Carolina Jorge

Inter- and Intra-Hemispheric EEG Connectivity in Healthy Subjects and Chronic Stroke Survivors Conference

International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation - ICVR 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2019.

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Blanco-Mora, D A; Annen, J; Piarulli, A; 'i, A D; Laureys, S

A phased lag index study in patients with disorders of consciousness Conference

2016 IEEE Healthcare Innovation Point-Of-Care Technologies Conference (HI-POCT), 2016.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: biomedical electrodes, Brain, brain sources, consciousness disorder, Couplings, EEG, electrode, Electrodes, Electroencephalography, Hospitals, Indexes, mastoid reference, medical disorders, phased lag index study, Spatial resolution

Cardona, John Edison Munoz; Teresa, Paulino; Vasanth, Harry; Baras, Karolina

PhysioVR: A Novel Mobile Virtual Reality Framework for Physiological Computing Proceeding

IEEE, Munich, 2016.

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Blanco-Mora, D A; 'i, José Alejandro D

Pain Assessment in Healthy and non-communicative patients: A review Journal Article

Canadian International Journal of Science and Technology, 1 , pp. 155–161, 2015.

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