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Prochnow, D; i Badia, Bermudez S; Schmidt, J; Duff, A; Brunheim, S; Kleiser, R; Seitz, R J; Verschure, PFMJ

A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of visuomotor processing in a virtual reality-based paradigm: Rehabilitation Gaming System Journal Article

European Journal of Neuroscience [(JCR SCI 2012): 1.992 ], 37 (9), pp. 1441–1447, 2013.

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Cameirao, Monica; i Badia, Bermudez S; Duarte, Esther; Frisoli, Antonio; Verschure, Paul F M J

The Combined Impact of Virtual Reality Neurorehabilitation and Its Interfaces on Upper Extremity Functional Recovery in Patients With Chronic Stroke Journal Article

STROKE, [2012 Impact Factor: 6.158], 43 (10), pp. 2720, 2012.

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i Badia, Bermudez S; Lewis, E; S., Bleakley.

Combining Virtual Reality and a Myo-Electric Limb Orthosis to Restore Active Movement after Stroke: A Pilot Study Proceeding

Laval, France, 2012.

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Steck, Kathrin; Veit, Daniel; Grandy, Ronald; i Badia, Bermudez S; Mathews, Zenon; Verschure, Paul; Hansson, Bill S; Knaden, Markus

A high-throughput behavioral paradigm for Drosophila olfaction - The Flywalk Journal Article


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Mathews, Zenon; i Badia, Bermudez S; Verschure, Paul F M J

PASAR: An integrated model of prediction, anticipation, sensation, attention and response for artificial sensorimotor systems Journal Article

Information Sciences, [Impact Factor: 3.643], 186 (1), pp. 1-19, 2012.

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i Badia, Bermudez S; Cameirao, Monica

The Neurorehabilitation Training Toolkit (NTT): A Novel Worldwide Accessible Motor Training Approach for At-Home Rehabilitation after Stroke Journal Article

Stroke Research and Treatment, 2012 , pp. 13, 2012.

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Ballester, B; i Badia, Bermudez S; Verschure, PFMJ

The effect of social gaming in performance and mood in virtual reality based rehabilitation of stroke patients. Conference

IEEE International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation, Zurich, 2011.

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