Science and Technology in the fight against COVID-19

Researchers from the Interactive Technologies Institute adapted a face shield 3D model for medical use in the region and are printing them using 3D printers.
The structure of the original model available online was modified by the researchers to allow 180-degree lateral protection, from ear to ear.

Several entities are involved in this process, some are contributing with filament (plastic), acetate and elastics. With a 3D printing network distributed on the island, the prediction is to supply at least 200 pieces in the coming days. In addition to the 16 3D printers provided by the Regional Secretary of Education, Science and Technology this initiative also has other printers made available by a large number of companies, schools, universities, and individuals.

This initiative involves researchers from ITI / LARSyS and Professors from the University of Madeira, as well as resources from Madeira Tecnopolo, Startup Madeira, the Regional Secretary of Education, Publinsular, Wow! Systems, and other individuals.

The new adjusted model of face shields, made by the researchers and approved by SESARAM is available at