ITI Talks with Eduardo Gomes and Ana Henriques

The Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI) held its monthly ITI Talks event on September 15, 2023, featuring insightful presentations from two of its members, Eduardo Gomes and Ana Henriques. The event, which took place in a hybrid format with physical locations in Lisbon at Hub Criativo do Beato and in Funchal at floor -1, also included a virtual component through Zoom to connect attendees across locations.

Eduardo Gomes is a Ph.D. student at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico and Ana Henriques is a Junior Researcher contributing to the DCitizens project. Both speakers are esteemed members of the Interactive Technologies Institute

During his presentation, Eduardo Gomes delved into the captivating realm of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), showcasing his empirical exploration on how XAI can be leveraged to comprehend Solar Photovoltaic (PV) forecasts in energy communities. He shed light on the intricate connections between XAI and sustainable energy solutions, offering valuable insights into how these technologies can enhance our understanding of solar energy predictions within the context of community-based initiatives.

On the other hand, Ana Henriques addressed a socially relevant and thought-provoking topic by presenting on “Frameworking for a Community-led Feminist Ethics.” She explored the development of a framework that empowers communities to adopt and apply feminist ethics, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in shaping ethical considerations within technological advancements. Her presentation aimed to spark conversations on the intersection of technology and social responsibility, urging for a more inclusive and community-driven approach to ethical frameworks in the field of interactive technologies.

While the regular format includes presentations from ITI members, occasional events may host invited speakers, adding a layer of external perspectives to the discussions. The ITI Talks event held in September 2023 successfully continued this tradition, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among ITI members and the wider audience interested in the intersection of technology and innovation.