Fostering Digital Civics Research and Innovation in Lisbon


DCitizens aims to foster Digital Civics research and innovation in Lisbon. Digital Civics is a cross-disciplinary field that posits the use of technology to empower citizens and non-state actors to co-create, take an active role in shaping agendas, make decisions about service provision, and make such provisions sustainable and resilient. Particularly how digital technologies can scaffold a move from transactional to relational service models and the potential of such models to reconfigure power relations between citizens, communities, and institutions.


12/01/2022 - 30/11/2025

Funding scheme

European Commission

Project reference

Grant agreement ID: 101079116


Interactive Technlogies Institute; Italian Institute of Technology; University of Siegen; Northumbria University

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HCI Subfields

Accessibility and Aging; Critical Computing; Sustainability, and Social Justice