Get to know  Terhi Marttila’s Digital Artwork

The Interactive Technologies Institute proudly presents the latest digital artworks by postdoctoral researcher Terhi Marttila, a member of the eGames Lab project. Marttila’s creations, titled “zzz” and “Infinite Scroll,” offer unique and immersive experiences at the intersection of art and technology.

“zzz”: A Sonic Slumber Journey

Marttila’s “Zzz” is an experimental piece of digital literature that delves into sound and storytelling. This auditory experience, published at Revista Saca, invites users to engage with five distinct sounds, each contributing to a narrative designed to lull listeners into a peaceful slumber. Users can toggle different sounds by clicking on stars, creating a customisable and soothing mix. Inspired by Marttila’s bedtime rituals with her daughter, “zzz” reflects the artist’s imaginative sonic storytelling.

“Infinite Scroll”: Navigating the Unseen

Last December, Marttila unveiled “Infinite Scroll,” a captivating piece published in the Taper magazine for small-scale digital art and literature. The artwork explores the concept of infinite scrolling, intertwining poetry with the act of scrolling itself. Technically infinite, the poem addresses hidden processes and movements, particularly those related to money, concealed behind the seemingly simple interface of the scroll.

Marttila’s work in “Infinite Scroll” is a testament to her ability to weave intricate narratives that challenge conventional digital experiences. The piece engages the audience in a unique reading process and contemplates the invisible forces shaping our online interactions.

Marttila’s contributions to digital media and interactive arts have gained recognition, featuring her work alongside renowned artists and academics like Mark C Marino (UCLA)and Nick Montfort (MIT). “I have admired the work of Mark C Marino and Nick Montfort for years. Seeing my work nested between theirs on Taper means a lot to me”, confesses Terhi Martilla.

Terhi Marttila holds a PhD in digital media from the University of Porto and has earned both M.A. and B.A. degrees in art education from the University of Lapland. Marttila’s artistic approach combines collaboration and web programming, focusing on social justice issues through playful interactive works.