Terhi Marttila


“Terhi Marttila holds a PhD in digital media from the University of Porto, and an MA and BA in art education from the University of Lapland. She is a post-doctoral fellow in the eGames lab (PRR) research project. Terhi contributes to the Game art and gender equity (GAGE) research initiative created by Drs. Patrícia Gouveia and Luciana Lima.

Terhi employs collaborative artistic and arts-based research to address issues of social justice. She uses web programming to create playful interactive works, and gravitates towards voice, poetry and texts as some of the key elements in her work. Her doctoral thesis – Migration as movement – explored aspects of migratory movement through artistic research. Her recent work Gray hairs plays with the gendered practice of dyeing one’s hair.”



Marttila, Terhi; Pedro, Celeste; Simões, Sandra Veríssimo

Hacking the good life Journal Article

In: The Digital Review, no. 3, 2023.

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Marttila, Terhi

Gray hairs Journal Article

In: The New River - Journal of Art and Literature, iss. Spring, 2023.