ITI Talks: Wi-Fi sensors and behavioural change

The Interactive Technologies Institute hosted the ITI Talks event on July 14th, a grand culmination of the 22/23 season, and it didn’t disappoint.

Distinguished speakers Miguel Ribeiro and Francisco Rebelo graced the event to share their groundbreaking research and insights on two captivating topics with far-reaching societal implications. The event was conducted in a hybrid format, with physical locations in Lisbon’s Hub Criativo do Beato and Funchal’s Tecnopolo, alongside a well-coordinated ZOOM session connecting attendees worldwide.

Miguel Ribeiro, a Postdoctoral researcher at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, mesmerized the audience with his talk on “Sensing and Community Crowd Sensing using Passive Wi-Fi.” With his background in informatics and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, Miguel Ribeiro’s expertise in citizen sensing and passive Wi-Fi sensors proved enlightening. His research focused on utilizing human-related datasets to create public dashboards for specific points of interest. His system aims to enhance citizens’ commute and travel experiences by processing information from passive Wi-Fi sensors and environmental data. This technology provides real-time information on site load, social media prevalence, weather, and transportation at various locations, optimizing travel routes and visitor experiences. The talk showcased the successful implementation and deployment of the system, using user interfaces for public displays.

The second speaker, Francisco Rebelo, an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture, University of Lisbon, delivered an engaging talk titled “Interaction for Behavior Change.” Francisco Rebelo’s research delves into the complex realm of human behaviour and its implications for society and the planet. He aims to design transformative human experiences that improve performance, safety, health, and sustainability by integrating ergonomics, neuroscience, and technological tools. The talk was a thought-provoking exploration of how interactive technologies can effectively influence behaviour change for the greater good.

As we bid farewell to the 22/23 ITI Talks season, the organizers and attendees are left with inspiration and anticipation for the future. The ITI community remains at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation, paving the way for a brighter, more technologically advanced future.