Daniel Simões Lopes


Daniel Simões Lopes is a tenured Assistant Professor of the Computer Science & Engineering Department at Técnico Lisboa and Integrated Researcher at ITI/LARSyS. He is also a Research Collaborator at INESC ID. He holds a degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Lisbon and graduated in computational engineering under the framework of the UT Austin|Portugal Program. At the educational level, he teaches Computer Graphics (undergraduate) and Virtual Reality (graduate) courses. Currently he co-supervises 5 PhD students and has graduated 35+ master students.

At ITI/LARSyS, he directs the Lab of xReality, which investigates novel XR interfaces with applications in 3D content creation and medical scenarios, as well as improved Computer Graphics techniques to better interact in the Metaverse. He authored 50+ scientific papers at top venues. He also participated in 9 national research projects, being the principal investigator in 2 of them. He is member of the ACM. His main research interests are collision detection, motion processing, extended reality, and medical interfaces.


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