Lunodzo Justine Mwinuka


Lunodzo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Systems from Mzumbe University and a Master’s degree in Wireless and Mobile Computing obtained from the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology in Tanzania. He currently serves as a Researcher at the University of Salento in Italy while also maintaining his teaching and research responsibilities at Mzumbe University in Tanzania.

Lunodzo has been actively engaged in the development of a distributed data storage tool for energy systems, with a primary focus on facilitating complex and distributed queries. His research is centred around the utilization of peer-to-peer architecture, explicitly emphasizing the super-peer architecture in pursuit of achieving the desired results.



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In: IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 13611–13623, 2022.



Agghey, Abel Z; Mwinuka, Lunodzo J; Pandhare, Sanket M; Dida, Mussa A; Ndibwile, Jema D

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