Valentina Nisi


Valentina Nisi is a tenured Associate Professor in Design Thinking at IST, U. of Lisbon (Portugal), Adjunct Faculty at the HCI Institute Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and founding researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI LARSyS). Her research encompasses Interactive Digital Storytelling, Gaming, and HCI, bringing awareness and care to pressing social and environmental issues. Spanning from Fine Arts, to Design and HCI, Valentina’s background contributes to an interdisciplinary view on sustainability and climate change issues combining a Research-through- Design approach with post-humanistic concerns. Her most recent funded research Project deal with the participation and preservation of various forms of heritage through storytelling and gaming.

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Scuri, Sabrina; Ferreira, Marta; Nunes, Nuno Jardim; Nisi, Valentina; Mulligan, Cathy

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Cesário, Vanessa; Nisi, Valentina

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